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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Coast to Coast Map - St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay

Coast to Coast Map - St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay

The Coast to Coast path stretches across the breadth of Northern England, from the Irish Sea coast at St Bees in Cumbria to the North Sea coast at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire. It crosses some of the most visually attractive landscapes of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, The Vale of Mowbray and the North York Moors. Along the route of the Coast to Coast walk there are many historic places and artefacts including Bronze Age stone circles and burial cairns, mining museums, nature reserves, Roman roads, drowned villages, old churches, and abbeys. The route of the Coast to Coast path also passes by or through many well known mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, villages and moors.

The route map displays and details many such of these interesting attractions.

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Starting at St Bees Head on the Irish Sea coast in Cumbria, the route is usually divided into the following daily walks:
The route map also provides details of some interesting places you pass or come close to. These are just some of the places that have articles written about them, all of which you can find from the menus above.
River Wiske
Harlsey Castle
Ingleby Water Tower
Ingleby Cross

North Yorks Moors
Lord Stones Boundary Stones
Wain Stones
Clay Bank
Bloworth Crossing
Farndale Valley
Esk Valley Walk
Blakey Howe Monument
White Cross
Trough House
Beggars Bridge
Low Bride Stones
High Bride Stones
Little Beck
Little Beck Nature Reserve
The Hermitage
Falling Foss and Midge Hall
Hawsker Bottoms
Limekiln Slack
Cinder Track
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Coast to Coast eBook

The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path is designed both as a guidebook and an informative travelogue. Written by Roy McKee, this is a must-read for anyone contemplating the walk.

The book is available from the iBooks store and has been digitally enhanced.

Features of the Book:
  • Route described in detail
  • Large scale detailed digital Maps of the route
  • Hundreds of colour photographs that can be expanded to full page
  • Photo-galleries of particular areas of interest.
  • Research notes of Historic and Interesting places on the path.
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